The ultimate path to start offering to your staff a smart informational hub that increases collaboration and productivity.

The trend of working from virtual spaces and integrating services and tools to execute tasks is increasing. Just as office spaces changed, so the way people work is transformed.

More employees are turning to the combination of digital tools to efficiently achieve a job. Independent employees, managers, entire companies and project leaders are some of those who benefit daily from this labor trend.

For several years the term “digital workspace” has been popularized to refer to a collection of virtual tools that, provided by an organization, allow its employees to do their work more efficiently.

Although many definitions have emerged in this regard, all agree on the importance that the digital workspace has as its work efficiency through different tools.

Through Microsoft, many integrations can improve the virtual work experience. Tools like Yammer and Teams encourage collaboration and teamwork. In the same way, communication can always remain open through Skype for Business or a traditional email sent in Exchange. All this can complement with an excellent tool such as SharePoint.

By integrating resources, you provide an efficient digital working environment that in the short and long-term is reflected in productivity, integration, and savings. Integrating Sharestacks to your SharePoint platform, you’ll have in minutes a modern and functional digital workspace fully functional from any computer or mobile device. Automate the process of absence request, offer a space for booking conference rooms, helpdesk tickets and more.

Many people can make the mistake of not taking advantage of it even when they are already paying for it. Because of lack of information, they spend large amounts of money obtaining additional applications.



To have a complete and functional digital working space, we need you to have specific tools. Three different stages complement each other and offer the employee the ability to perform various tasks, many of them automated. That translates to reduce slow manual processes and savings for the company.


  • News
  • Company Policies
  • Corporate Information
  • Employee Directory


Contains the same tools as the traditional adding:

  • Human Resources System
  • ERP
  • Collaboration Tools for Internal Teams
  • Corporate Social Network


Contains the same tools as the Traditional/Basic Intranet adding:

  • Email
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Document Management
  • Responsive Design
  • Integrated modules to automate the absence request process
  • Helpdesk tickets
  • Reserve spaces and more.

Your company can have a personalized portal that complies with local and state requirements and obligations and that in turn has applications that address specific tasks. In addition to this, you can avoid having multiple applications or accounts as with a single username and password you can access all the features.


Download the infographic and share with others the magnificent benefits of having a Digital Workspace.